So belately the Department for Education has just released some figures to try and show that relaxing child-adult ratios could reduce childcare costs to parents.

Strangely the figures claiming that costs could be cut by up to 28% don’t stack up with what some of the big nursery providers have been saying over the last few months.

The DfE’s back of the fag packet sums don’t reflect the reality of running a nursery. Many staff are already under-paid and many smaller nurseries are losing money. If staff are to be better trained so they can look after more children, then they will rightly expect to be better paid.

Any savings from relaxing ratios will be ploughed back into running nurseries and improving childcare - and won’t lead to big savings for parents. The DfE and Liz Truss are fighting a losing battle and should stop digging. 24 May 2013

Media speculation fueled by the Prime Minister suggests that the coalition parties are seeking a compromise on the controversial relaxation of child to adult ratios for childminders and nurseries.

This sounds like a political fix to repair relations between David Cameron and Nick Clegg and their respective parties.

But children’s care and safety should not be about fixes. Any changes should be based on evidence about what is good for children and their development.

So while we welcome the government’s re-think on ratios, we are cautious about what it may lead to. You can’t compromise on childcare. 17 May 2013 

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